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About German Blockchain Association

The Blockchain Bundesverband or Bundesblock is advocating for Blockchain technology in Germany. It was founded in Berlin on 29 June 2017 from the middle of the German blockchain community. German Blockchain Association, a non-profit association, quickly grew to more than sixty members nationwide. These members include the leading start-ups in the blockchain industry based in Germany.

Bundesblock members are convinced that blockchain and similar decentralized technologies based on cryptography are fundamental to the innovation of digital infrastructure. Therefore the association’s initiatives focus on education and training both for decision-makers in politics and industry-leading companies.  But the association also adresses the broader public as well. The work is based on the conviction that the introduction of block chains is necessary to keep Germany competitive in an increasingly digital world.


Core demands

The German Blockchain Associations helps politics on both the federal and local levels to:

  • create innovation-friendly legal certainty in civil law, taxation and regulation in order to establish Germany as an attractive business location for the Blockchain ecosystem.
  • use blockchain technology in the public sector.
  • deploy at least one public register with blockchain technology by 2020.
  • recognize blockchain-based trust services, time stamp services, identity services and electronic signatures.
  • open up legally prescribed interfaces for electronic data information or data provision to other market participants towards blockchain technology.
  • promote education and science on the topic of blockchain.
  • form a Blockchain Enquete Commission to investigate how to transport the achievements of the democratic constitutional state into the digital age with the help of blockchain technology.

Recently, German Blockchain Association has entered into an active cooperation with selected Education Partners (e.g. ReDI School of Digital Integration). Together, Bundesblock and its partners want to empower people from all backgrounds to use blockchain technology to build a better world. The potential of Blockchain technology can only fully develop once citizens as well as private and public institutions connect with the technology. And once law and society recognize the technology and its benefits.


Learn more about our commitment to INATBA, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications.

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