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About thinkBLOCKtank

thinkBLOCKtank (tbt) is a Luxembourg based non-profit organization, bringing together some of the most respected experts in blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The members share a history of collaborating in the field of blockchain regulation. They aim for creating transparency in close collaboration with regulators and law makers.

The organization roots back to the Berlin BlockchainHub, which founded an international legal working group in 2016. The German legal community has organized itself into various working groups of the Blockchain Bundesverband (the German Blockchain Association). Its finance working group issued its first “Token Regulation Paper” in February 2018 followed by an extended German version in April 2018.

thinkBLOCKtank aims to create one single regulated European market in regards to blockchain related issues that is competitive to other jurisdictions without lacking a very high standard of security and trust. More than 40 lawyers, tax advisors, auditors & other professionals from over 15 European countries work together to shape the future for the better.

thinkBLOCKtank believes that any regulatory response should be clear, but proportionate. Taking into the account the continuing needs of consumer protection and the preservation of financial stability; but it should also be ensured that innovation in this area is not stifled by over-regulation and legal complexity.


European Token Regulation Paper

Furthermore, an EU-wide approach to regulation in this area is preferable to a state-based approach. As the European Commission states in the Fintech Action Plan 2018, crypto-assets are a “global phenomenon”. Therefore, a coherent and coordinated approach at EU level will help to provide security and facilitate cross-border scaling opportunities. It should also help to combat regulatory arbitrage.

The thinkBLOCKtank published a European Token Regulation Paper in summer 2019. The aim of the EU paper is to analyse the EU legal and regulatory framework for the sale of tokens in Europe. In addition, it provides an overview of the relevant national legal and regulatory frameworks of the individual EU jurisdictions. It is intended to update the paper over time to include other jurisdictions.

The thinkBLOCKtank provides the document for free download: European Token Regulation Paper (EN)


Learn more about the German Blockchain Association (Blockchain Bundesverband), an organization for the promotion of blockchain technology in Germany.

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