Finoa partners with Staking Facilities to enable PoS token staking

12 Aug, 2020

Custody provider Finoa GmbH partners with node operator Staking Facilities GmbH to join forces. The strategic partnership will enable token holders to earn profit with their digital assets through staking.

Finoa: Qualified custodian and digital asset management platform with BaFin license

The German startup Finoa, founded in 2018, helps institutional investors to manage digital assets. Based in Berlin, Finoa offers a full-range of financial services: custody, staking and trading of digital assets. All services are integrated in one platform. Moreover, they are accessible through a robust and easy-to-integrate RESTful API. The custody provider is supervised by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

With its expertise and technological innovation, Finoa developed a fully digital custody and asset-servicing solution. Finoa’s warm-storage solution rests on a banking infrastructure combining user-friendliness and military-grade security levels. The storage solution makes digital asset storage accessible and at the same time, secure.

Staking Facilities:

Staking Facilities, based in Munich and founded in 2017, offers an industry-grade, high-security infrastructure for vetted public Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Blockchain networks. With it, the German start-up provides opportunities to conduct token staking. In the end, helping its clients to earn rewards with their token.

The staking services provided also include a staking dashboard with analytics on payout history, portfolio distribution and total value of the staking assets. State-of-the-art monitoring and a combination of different security measures ensure availability and fast response times.

A new partnership for staking

After just announcing its support for the NEAR Protocol token, Finoa and Staking Facilities launched a new strategic partnership. Staking Facilities will integrate its services in Finoa’s product suite. Through this integration, Finoa’s customers can earn staking rewards on digital assets in custody.

The partnership launched with a focus on Tezos, a PoS-based Blockchain. In the future, the service offering will include other PoS-based networks.

In the past, Staking Facilities has continued to strive for staking industry standards. Partnering with a professional custody provider, such as is the case with Finoa, is seen as a next step in developing compelling standards. At the same time, Staking Facilities has maintained their high security standards.

Through their collaboration, both partners want to help tackle the complex task of holding and managing digital assets. Both companies want to tailor the solutions to the needs of professional and institutional investors. These investor types have to manage digital assets while also complying to regulatory requirements. In the partnership between the digital assets custody provider and node operator, the aim is to facilitate achieving compliance and digital asset management.

With the solutions, Finoa clients will also have the possibility to participate further in the digital assets ecosystem.

Through the partnership, a new source of profit related to digital assets becomes available for a larger investor group.

Source: Custody Provider Finoa & Node Operator Staking Facilities join forces for strategic partnership – Staking Facilities 


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