Bitkom e.V.

Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications, and New Media

About Bitkom e.V.

The DAC is a member of Bitkom. Founded in 1999 in Berlin, Bitkom e.V. is the German digital association which is particularly advocating the digitization of the economy, our society, and public administration. Above all, it commits to the faster rollout of gigabit networks and digital infrastructure for energy and mobility, for trade and for smart homes, for cities and regions. Bitkom also supports in particular policies for data-driven business models, for data protection and cybersecurity, for platforms, disruptive technologies, work 4.0, and life-long education in a digital world.

A strong European digital policy and a fully integrated digital single market are at the heart of Bitkom’s concerns, as well as establishing Germany as a key driver of digital change in Europe and globally.

The association represents more than 2.700 companies belonging to the digital economy. Among the Bitkom members are around 500 start-ups, 1000 SMEs, and virtually all global players. All of which provide either software, telecommunications and internet services, hardware and consumer electronics, digital media services, or are affiliated in another way with the digital economy.

As Germany’s association for digitalization and the digital economy, Bitkom e.V. addresses questions and topics in the areas of:

  • digital transformation in all sectors
  • education and work
  • data privacy and security
  • tech and software
  • startups
  • politics and law, as well as
  • management and SMEs.

Bitkom e.V. is an independent, non-governmental association under German law.


Our engagement

As a member, DAC and DLC Distributed Ledger Consulting GmbH have been actively involved in Bitkom’s work since 2020 through their participation in the Blockchain working group.

Furthermore, we engage with the following associations and organizations:

You can learn more about the work of Bitkom here.

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